Florida 18 Voters is a progressive grassroots group comprised of individuals primarily living in Florida Congressional District 18.   Florida 18 Voters are committed to talking to friends, immediate neighbors, and people who live all over FL-18 to discuss the issues of concern to all of us, to highlight the importance of voting, and to share what we know about issues and candidates.   Florida District 18 is a “Purple” district made up of voters from the Democratic Party, Republican Party, and Independents. The Florida 18 Voters group welcomes all who share our common ideal that our representatives are in office at the pleasure of Florida citizens and their function is to do what is best for all citizens.

The Florida 18 Voters grassroots members first met at District 18 Town Hall meetings, at local area marches, and at grassroots meetings, after the November 2016 election.  The group consensus was that our elected officials were not representing the citizens of Florida and were acting in ways that benefited themselves and their political donors. During the summer of 2017 we began to discuss how we might change the situation, and the result was to organize Florida 18 Voters as a grassroots “Get Out The Vote” (GOTV) group, recognizing that it was time to put our energy and time into educating voters and promoting voting for the 2018 election.

We believe in face-to-face contact. We are inspired by the success of a grassroots group, Texas Organizing Project, which used "deep canvassing" to reach out to neglected registered voters in Houston's Harris County and turned Harris County blue in 2016. While we recognize our district has a much different demographic than Harris County, we see the value of connecting with voters by listening to what they have to say, building a relationship, and motivating them to commit to vote in 2018.

We will canvass and call on primarily Democratic voters, but we will also reach out to Independent and Republican voters. We work with Democratic Party Precinct Captains wherever there's a captain that seeks our help; we will also work in precincts that have no precinct captain, reaching out to people wherever the need may be. Because District 18 is so large, we believe it is important to get an early start on canvassing voters, which is why we are working to grow our army of volunteers and get those "boots on the ground" well ahead of the 2018 election.

We are committed to the success of our goals, and we understand that there are many paths to take to achieve our goals. Florida 18 Voters will evolve with experience and time.

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In order to help you make your voice heard through the ballot box, we are happy to provide the following links to important information and tools.
Check Your Voter Status
You can use the State of Florida Division of Elections website to check your voter status and link to your county Supervisor of Elections website where you can verify your absentee ballot status and find your voting precinct.

State of Florida Voter Lookup

Know The Candidates
It can be very challenging to keep up with a politician, especially if their voting record doesn't match with their public statements. Use the following links to learn more about the people who want to represent you in Washington D.C.

Project Vote Smart


PBPost Know Your Candidates
Fact Check The News
Sometimes, it can be really hard to tell what's real news and what's not real news. The following resources have established good reputations for fact-checking and debunking myths.






Hoax Slayer


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